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Our booking conditions set out clearly and simply the responsibilities which we at Event Travel have to you and you in turn have to us when we make a contract between us. This contract is made when you make a booking and we accept it by written confirmation on these terms. This applies also if you have booked via an appointed agent (eg; Ticketmaster.co.uk/Ticketweb) If you make a booking by telephone or via the website, it will be accepted that you agree to these conditions.


When booking a Tour/Event you must sign a booking form accepting on behalf of all your party the terms of these conditions and pay the deposit stipulated for that Tour/Event. Alternatively if we have your verbal authority or you have provided instructions to deduct payment from your credit/debit card, it is understood that you are in agreement with these booking conditions. If booking online via the website you indicate that you have read and agree to our booking conditions and a copy will be sent out via electronic confirmation. Your contract with us shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales over any claim or matter arising under or in conjunction with your contract with us. You may however choose to submit to the law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland if you are resident in either of these jurisdictions but not to any other law and/or jurisdiction.


These booking conditions together with our general information form the basis of your contract. Your booking is with Event Travel Ltd. Registered in England No. 3002768.  NB: If your booking is made via the internet, you will receive an initial confirmation on screen to print off and a further confirmation of your order via email. Our online Booking Software has been designed to the highest level and is a secure environment to ensure all information given is fully protected. Whilst every measure is in place to ensure that the availability reflects accurately online, in the unlikely event of system failure or in the event that a problem arises , Event Travel will make every attempt to resolve any issues or provide comparable alternatives wherever possible. In the unlikely event of any problem with an online order, Event Travel will contact you at the earliest opportunity.


Payment for your booking is as advertised. Any changes subsequent changes to your booking where a balance is outstanding payment must be made no later than 8 weeks before the date of departure. If you have made your Tour/Event booking within this period the full amount is due immediately. If you do not pay by the stipulated date we reserve the right to cancel your Tour/Event and levy cancellation charges as listed below (see section 5). If for any reason a payment by cheque is returned unpaid by the issuing bank or has to be represented a charge of £15.00 will be levied to cover bank and administration charges incurred.  Please note a 2% Credit/Debit card handling fee will be applied (3% for AMEX). If you are booking via an appointed agent's website credit card charges may differ to the above.


Please check the details of your original booking carefully against your confirmation as there is a minimum administration charge of £10.00 for subsequent changes. Any administration costs incurred above this amount will be detailed to you prior to us making the changes on your behalf. Any material amendments made by you within 4 weeks of departure will be treated as a cancellation and the appropriate charges made (see section 5).


If you cancel your Tour/Event  booking for all or any member(s) of your party , you must notify us in writing immediately. As Event Travel will have made payments for Ticket(s), Accommodation & Travel on your behalf to ensure your booking is secure,  cancellation costs will be incurred. The following cancellation charges will apply. Exceptions: - In some instances the initial deposit paid to Event Travel will not cover payments which have been made in good faith by Event Travel on your behalf to Hotels, Airlines, Train Companies and Event Ticket Suppliers etc. and in many cases, bookings/reservations once made on your behalf, with said suppliers, may be non-transferable/refundable. Event Travel therefore reserves the right to recover any out of pocket expenses in these instances, over and above the standard cancellation charges set out below:-

Period before departure within which written cancellation is received Amount of cancellation charge shown as a % of the Tour/Event cost
More than 42 days Loss of deposit
42 - 29 days 65%
28 - or less 100%


You are responsible for ensuring that you adhere to instructions provided by Event Travel in respect to travel itinerary check-in times/departure points if applicable. Event Travel cannot be liable for any loss or expense suffered by clients because of their late arrival or failure to adhere to  procedure provided in accordance with Airline/Train departure instructions if applicable. 


A full Passport is required for our any overseas Tour/Events or if you are entering the UK from overseas. Please note that it is the responsibility of the client to be in possession of a valid  P assport  normally with a ( minimum validity of 6 months ) and any Visa that may be required. Long delays in obtaining  P assports and  V isas can occur so be sure to apply well in advance of departure. Non British passport holders should check the regulations with the consulates of all the countries you will be visiting or passing through. You must ensure you have a valid  Passport or Visa ( if necessary) Event Travel cannot be liable for any loss or expense suffered if you do not adhere to these requirements. NB: For British Passport Holders, Passports are not required to travel to Ireland. This said Photo ID will be required for Airline Check-in. We therefore suggest a valid  Passport provides suitable ID in these instances.  NB: USA - The New BAR-CODED Passports are only acceptable for entry into the USA.


No specific inoculations are normally required for Tour/Events with Event Travel, however, we advise you to consult your doctor before travelling.


Because of the importance of having adequate insurance cover in place we make it a condition of booking on all overseas Tour/Events that you are covered by an appropriate Personnel Cancellation/Travel insurance policy.We are happy to recommend Gold Cover Insurance Services as our preferred supplier of Travel Insurance. The Gold Cover brand has been providing quality travel insurance for over 30 years. They have a range of traditional single trip and annual multi-trip policies to suit most needs and can also provide cover for coach, motorcycling and activity holidays. Many pre-existing medical conditions can be covered, including some conditions that most other insurers will refuse. If you are taking your vehicle they can also provide European Motoring Breakdown Assistance with roadside assistance and other cover to stop your trip being ruined.

Please call them on 01892 559530 for an immediate quote and cover, or go to their website at www.event.goldcover.net

It will provide you with cover in the event you are unable to continue with your booking with us eg; ill health/redundancy. If you elect not to take insurance you agree to indemnify Event Travel for any costs that arise which would otherwise have been met had Event Travel insurance recommended cover been taken. This policy will also cover you for personal cancellation (eg; ill health) and is therefore recommended also for UK Tours/Events for this reason. For more info please click on logo below:-

Click to view policy details


Once we have confirmed we have available space on the Tour/Event of your choice we will process your deposit  / payment  and forward a confirmation invoice to you, from this time Event Travel has accepted your booking under these terms and conditions. If booking online via the website, confirmation will be sent electronically at time of booking to the email address given.Please ensure your email address is entered correctly at time of booking. Please see deposit/payments above .


It is possible that circumstances may force us to make changes in the advertised Tour/Event , these changes fall into two categories: minor changes and major changes.

a) Minor changes take the form of changes in departure or return times by less than 12 hours , changes to departure point to the nearest  available local departure or other of a different mode  of transport to a major joining point e.g. London, changes in accommodation to a similar or higher classification , changes to a similar location, changes to advertised Tour/Event itineraries. (Please note travel arrangements not booked/arranged by Event Travel are excluded from the above and Event Travel cannot be responsible for any changes that may take place in respect to independently booked transport/accommodation)

b) Major changes are those including changes to the tour descriptions/price or example your UK airport (except London), location area, time of departure or return of more than 12 hours, changes in accommodation to a lower standard.  If we have to make a major change you can decide: (Please note travel arrangements not booked/arranged by Event Travel are excluded from the above and Event Travel cannot be responsible for any changes that may take place in respect to independently booked transport/accommodation)

i) To continue with the Tour/Event as amended

ii) Accept an alternative Tour/Event we may offer you

iii) Cancel your booking getting a full refund.

If you choose (i) or (ii) we will pay compensation on the scale below . This will be the limit of our liability to

More than 28 days NIL NIL
15-28 days £15.00 £10.00
0-14 days £20.00 £15.00

Important note: Compensation payments do not apply to changes caused by reason of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, flood, technical problems to transport, closure or congestion of airports and ports, cancellation changes of schedules by schedule airlines /trains  concert/event cancellation and similar events beyond our control . Any travel or arrangements not booked by Event Travel are outside our control even if they were to affect your booking arrangements with Event Travel.


We do try to ensure that your Tour/Event with us is as enjoyable as possible , however , very occasionally plans do go wrong. If you do encounter a problem please inform our representative immediately who will try and resolve the matter there and then.  You will also be given a 24 Hour emergency support  telephone number which is to be used in the event of an emergency and outside of office hours should you encounter problems. If the matter cannot be put right details of your complaint will be recorded by our representative. Please  ensure that we receive any complaint within 28 days of your return  by writing to our customer services dep artment giving your original booking reference and all other relevant information. We will not accept liability in respect of claims that we receive later than 28 days after your return from your Tour/Event.

We can normally agree an amicable settlement of the few complaints we receive , however , in the unlikely event of us being unable to do so , you may of course refer your case to the small claims court which provides an inexpensive way of settling claims.


We accept these on the understanding that they must be in writing at least 4 weeks prior to departure and under no circumstances can we guarantee that we the hotel/airline/train/coach company or similar supplier or our representatives can provide the requested facility, but will do our best to accommodate your request.

Clients With Disability
Please ensure that we are advised of any party members with Disability as special arrangements may have to be made. Whilst we will do our best to assist, in some cases Venues, Accommodation and VIP Experiences may not be conducive to clients with Disability. Wheelchair platform concert/event tickets are not included in Event Travel packages and are subject to availability and additional charges may apply. In the event that we are unable to accommodate any special needs, a full refund will apply, subject to being advised of any special requirements at time of booking. Carers will normally be required to pay for tickets.


We accept responsibility for the actions and/or omissions of our employees, agents, subcontractors and suppliers whilst they are acting within the scope of their employment with us.  We also accept responsibility should the service we offer prove deficient in any way. If any part of your Tour/Event is not provided in the advertised manner we will pay you compensation if this has affected the enjoyment of your Tour/Event (see important note at the end of paragraph 7). We will not however be responsible for nor accept liability for death , bodily injury or illness  caused to the signatory to the contract and/or any named person on the booking form save insofar as such death, bodily injury or illnesses caused by the negligence of Event Travel or its employees or agents of the same. Where services are supplied by air/train,  or by sea the limit of our obligations shall be those laid down by international conventions which govern such matters in respect of air /train or sea carriers.


Where appropriate and subject to our discretion we offer the following Special Assistance to our clients.

a) General Assistance. If any client who through misadventure suffers illness, personal injury or death during the period of the Tour/Event arising out of an incident which did not form part of their Tour/Event nor of an excursion purchased through one of our employees.

b) If legal action is undertaken by our clients against any third party as a result of any loss or damage suffered during their Tour/Event provided we have been notified within 90 days of the date of the misadventure and provided we agree to such action then we will meet initial legal costs.

c) If assistance is provided under para a) and b)  above we will limit any monies paid to £5000.00 per booking form and in the event of there being a successful claim for costs against a third party or there being a suitable insurance policy(ies) in force our costs shall be recoverable from the client concerned.

d) In the event of a claim under this clause  against us by you or any person named on the booking form  we reserve the right  to claim in your place  against the person or organisation  responsible for the act , default or  omission  on giving rise  to the claim  and you hereby agree to assist  us fully in the event that enforce the rights  which have been assigned to us or to which we are surrogated.


If you are travelling on a Tour/Event for which the primary reason for travel is a Concert or Event, Event Travel cannot take responsibility whatsoever as a result of any change/omissions in the event or the programme or failure of the main event to take place as advertised. Our responsibility is to provide you with the ticket for the Event/Concert/Show as advertised by the promoter, nor can we be responsible for any expenses incurred by yourself as a result of the Concert/Event/Show being cancelled by any party other than by Event Travel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Should the Concert or Event be cancelled by the promoter/artist/performers, the Trip/Tour/Event you have booked will still be scheduled to proceed. You will however, be entitled to an appropriate refund in respect to the Concert/Event Ticket.  Should you decide not to travel as a result of a cancelled event/altered performance, cancellation charges may apply in accordance with our cancellation terms in Section 5, to cover charges associated with pre-booked items such as Hotel, Cross Channel, Flight and Eurostar/Train reservations,  as once a booking/reservation has been made on your behalf,  a no refund/change restrictions can apply. Event Travel will nevertheless look where possible to keep any cancellation charges to a minimum. Travel/Event Cancellation Insurance premiums nor any Credit/Debit Card charges are refundable in any event. Event Travel reserve the right to levy a minimum of £35 per person charge to cover administration of any refunds, in the event of a cancellation of an event/show.

NB: Optional Concert/Event Cancellation Insurance. We strongly recommend taking out this cover at time of booking   ( premiums may vary  and in some cases may not be available )DETAILS for bookings as at 08 August2011 in conjunction with IMPCOM See policy


Very occasionally we are obliged to cancel a Tour/Event due to insufficient numbers, in the event of this happening we will offer you where possible an alternative Tour/Event or if this is unacceptable, we will refund all monies paid.


We always endeavour to ensure that prices quoted on our website are accurate.


From time to time you may receive information / offers from Event Travel or other carefully selected companies. If you do not wish to receive such information / offers please write to us at Event Travel, Ground Floor Suite, The Paddocks, 347 Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge. CB1 8DH. Or email nomailing


Due to increased security and counterfeit prevention in respect to the re-issue of Event/Concert tickets, it is becoming more and more difficult to organise the re-issue lost/stolen or spoiled event/concert tickets. General Entrance (GA) standing Pitch/Unreserved seats Cannot Under Any Circumstances be re-issued. Dependent on the promoter/event organiser in some instances reserved numbered seats can be re-issued at the Stadium/Event Venue. Administration charges may be levied. However this is becoming more and more difficult due to counterfeit prevention software being installed and used now by many venues and may result in a request being refused, or if allowed, the physical Repurchasing of New Tickets to gain entrance. We therefore strongly request that TICKETS are KEPT SAFELY prior to attending an event and that if staying in an hotel to use safe deposit facilities normally available. Event Travel regret that they cannot be held responsible for lost/stolen/spoiled tickets once received and any additional costs that may be incurred in replacing or repurchasing new tickets for an Event/Concert.


NB: All information displayed on  the Event Travel Website  is provided in good faith - Event Travel cannot be be held responsible for any inaccuracies - please advise customersupport if any inaccuracies /errors are found - Thank you


Event Travel  only collects personal information about you (for example your name, address, telephone number, email address and credit card details) when you specifically provide us with such information on a voluntary basis, for example when purchasing or enquiring about event tickets  packages online. Any personal information  Event Travel collect via our web site will never be released or sold to any companies or individuals outside of See or our authorised partner companies.

We will not share your personal information for marketing or any other purposes without your consent unless where required by law. If you have registered your interest with www.eventtravel.com and/or any of our associated companies, and thereby given your consent, you may be contacted with relevant promotions, offers or information that you have expressed an interest in or that might be of interest to you. 

Your Information

We use the information you provide us with to sell you the ticket related packages a s you requested.  By making a purchase from this site you are consenting to your financial and/or personal information being passed to any third party organisations necessary to process your transactions with  Event Travel , such as credit card companies, banks and the companies that handle  transaction processing  on our behalf. Except for these specific cases, we will never share financial information with third parties without your specific consent.

Third Party Companies

When you bought your ticket package you were asked if you wished to be contacted by carefully selected third parties. Depending on how you replied, third parties may contact you by post or email with information or offers regarding their goods and services. 


IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE FURTHER UPDATES PLEASE  you can unsubscribe here We will always respect your privacy and any personal communication between you and ourselves. We will always comply with any data protection legislation currently in force.

Information and the law

We may occasionally release your personal or financial information to assist law enforcement, to comply with laws or regulations, to enforce the terms under which you transacted with See, or to protect the rights, property or safety of  Event Travel , users of the site or others.

Security Measures
The following site has been issued a QuickSSLT certificate to enable server security

We take the security of your personal information very seriously. Consequently we use 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for all your transactions with  Event Travel . This system encrypts all your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read if intercepted by a malicious third party.

Third Party Sites

Event Travel  is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party sites linked to this site. Consequently we advise you to read their privacy policies before submitting data to such sites.