Bruce Springsteen Stadium of Light 2024 Event Terms and Conditions


1.    Your ticket(s) are digital mobile tickets that will be delivered in the lead up to the show to the ticket agent’s app/your
       account which you will be instructed to download to your smart device. I acknowledge that my ticket(s) may not be
       delivery until 14 days prior to show date.

2.    Your ticket purchase constitutes a personal, revocable license and, at all times, remains the property of the event
3.    Each ticket holder must be in possession of their ticket on their smart device.
4.    Your ticket(s) are sold by the event organisers directly to you the consumer. Any tickets purchased by businesses or
       traders in breach of the terms and conditions of ticket sale will be cancelled. By accepting these terms and conditions
       you confirm that you are a consumer.
5.    Your ticket(s) will immediately become invalid if resold or offered for sale unless the sale is through the official ticket
       agent fan to fan exchange. Tickets sold via third parties and other unauthorised outlets, including online auction sites,
       are not valid for admission. The resale of a ticket via unauthorized outlets renders it invalid and may lead to refusal of

6.    I acknowledge that resale will be officially turned for the onsale period with the possibility that it may be turned on at
       a later date.
7.    Ticket sales are limited to a maximum of (four) 4 tickets per customer during the presale period and (six) 6 tickets per
       customer from onsale. Extensive checks will take place to identify any ticketholders that have purchased over the ticket
       limit. By ticking this box, I acknowledge that my tickets may be subject to cancellation if found in breach of this rule.
7.    Only tickets purchased through approved ticket agents (Ticketmaster, AXS, Event Travel and official venue ticket agents)
       are valid for admission. The venue reserves the right to refuse admission.
8.    You will need to use a mobile smartphone to access tickets.
9.    You may be required as a condition of entry, to comply with any Covid 19 regulations, restrictions and/or entry
       requirements imposed at the time of the concert by the event organiser or relevant authority (and the event organiser
       reserves the right to refuse entry to the event if these are not complied with).