O2 Arena Prague

Ocelářská Street No. 460/2
Prague 9, Czech Republic

Arrival on Foot - The most convenient way is to go by underground railway (section "B") to the station „Českomoravská“, with the entrance for pedestrians being only a few meters far from the station exit (when coming out of the underground railway to the right in the direction of the bus terminal and Ocelářská Street).
TRAMWAY - When using the tramway transport, you will reach, best of all, O2 arena by means of the line No. 3 up to the tramway stop in front of O2 arena. From there you will go only a short distance on foot and reach the Arena. Tramway line No. 3 runs along the same route as that of the underground railway section "B".

BUS - When using bus transport, you will reach O2 arena by means of buses Nos. 251, 127, 158, 166, 259, 280, 302, 305, 348, 351, 3, 66, 368, 375, 376 and 377 up to the bus stop „Českomoravská“; alternatively, you may use buses Nos. 136, 145, 177 and 195 going to the bus stop „Nádra×í Libeň“.
Transport by train: If arriving by train to Hlavní nádra×í („Main Railway Station“), you will use the underground railway section.



Location Prague
Capacity 18000
Restaurant Yes
Bar Yes

Location map