Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater

 legend of the theatrical life of Ukraine, one of the favorite places for rest of Odessa citizens and guests of the city, the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, is located in the very center of Odessa.
The beauty and grandeur of the facade of an old building is amazing, but according to its layout and technical data, it is not inferior to the best in Europe.

No less elegant and interior decoration. The auditorium decorated in the style of late French baroque is not only incredibly beautiful, but also functional:
- excellent acoustics creates a horseshoe-shaped building structure; 
- for the special atmosphere and excellent visibility of everything that is happening on the stage, the modern lighting equipment installed during the modernization of the Theater is responsible.

The Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater is the oldest theater in Odessa, originally opened in 1810. The original building was destroyed by fire in 1873 and was rebuilt in 1887 with elements of neo-Renaissance, Baroque, rococo and classical baroque elements. 
Niches on the top floor of the façade display busts of Mikhail Glinka, Nikolai Gogol, Alexander Griboyedov and Alexander Pushkin. 
The main entrance is decorated with stucco molding depicting dramatic and comedic episodes. The theater’s large, horseshoe-shaped hall is decorated with gilded stucco figures and designs and features unique acoustics that allow even a whispered voice to reach any part of the hall. 

Important Information

Attending the theatre please keep in mind that there is a DRESS CODE. Please dress up, as visitors wearing shorts, t-shirts, vests, clothes and shoes for sport and beach WILL NOT BE ADMITTED into the theatre.

CHILDREN UNDER SEVEN will not be admitted into auditoriums for the evening performances. Children of all ages are welcome into auditoriums for the children’s performances.


Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater
Ukraine, 65026, Odessa,
Lane Tchaikovsky 1


Capacity 1,636
Location UKRAINE